Mid-Union Sled Haulers

Information About Mid-Union Sled Haulers

How we got our start

Bill Raabe, of Battle Creek, Michigan, along with a handful of fellow drivers, scheduled a meeting at Bill’s house for interested drivers to discuss an amateur club of mushers. Notices of the meeting were distributed, and over 30 people from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana attended the first meeting. The group decided to form an amateur sled dog club, which has come to be known as Mid-Union Sled Haulers. The club’s first President and chief organizer Vic Rowell, Vice President Bill Raabe, Treasure Lillian Bowan and Secretary Matt Woudenberg were elected in August 1980.
Interest in long distance racing had declined as focus on sprint racing emerged. During the winter of 1980, M.U.S.H. plunged into its first race season with the first race hosted at Johnson Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the years that followed, races have been held throughout Michigan. Sponsors include pet food companies, local and state parks and civic organizations.

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Interested in joining M.U.S.H.? Attend an event near you! Find our current membership chairperson (see below), and schedule of events. See you on the trail!

Contact Chris Mahar, our Membership Chairperson at 517-769-2103, or email him.
Membership includes a monthly subscription to The Sled Hauler.