Mid-Union Sled Haulers

M.U.S.H. Links

M.U.S.H. members with web sites:

Bacchus, Lynzie
Dewey, Tim & Gena-www.sleddogpodcast.com
Nelson, Ted and Ann - Thunderfeet Kennel and Sleds
Roger and Lori Starke www.dogsledmichigan.com

Links of Interest 

Sled Dog Central

  Your on-line sled dog advertising and information source.
Be sure to look around Sled Dog Central before surfing off somewhere else, there's lots of information available on this site including race info, classifieds, kennel listings, supplier contact info, the forum, etc.

National Animal Interest Alliance -
fighting to preserve the right to own animals.

MUCC - Michigan United Conservation Club

Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers -
Promoting the sport of sled dog racing in Northern California

MUSH with P.R.I.D.E 

Project Leffingwell Dogsled Expedition: Former Jackson, Michigan native Joe Henderson embarks on a five month Alaskan arctic dogsled expedition. 
Read more about his adventure here: www.alaskanarcticexpeditions.com

Follow the Iditarod. (Usually in early March)
MORE Michigan Links - Various Mushing opportunities in Michigan.